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La Savonnerie de La Chapelle

La Savonnerie

An ancestral knowledge

The Conception


Ingredients from further afield: La Savonnerie de la Chapelle resumes and applies an ancestral know-how and brings its recipes up to date enriching the variety of ingredients.

Each element is studied carefully, chosen to achieve a perfect balance between its natural healing properties and its perfumes.

A dedicated team, passionate, and connected by a deep love of nature.
It is not the fact that our ingredients come from all over the world, but your senses that will make you travel…

What is the cold saponification process ?

Unlike Marseille soaps and Aleppo soap cold saponification is never taken up to high temperatures, it is carefully rested for 1 month and retains the properties and benefits of all its ingredients.

Rising the temperatures during soap manufacturing accelerates the saponification process to make it almost immediate, it is also making its industrialization possible but by doing so, even if this soap can retain its scents, its benefits are lost.

Cold saponification allows to create a soap richer, more nourishing for the skin.

A quest for perfection:

To sublimate their passion, our teams are engaged in a constant search for perfection and renewal, to improve and find new combinations, to make our soaps, our oils, our balms and natural cosmetics, much more than a simple treatment:

A true elixir of wellbeing.

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In Normandy

About us

Our commitment:

  • Designing natural handmade cosmetics of the highest quality.
  • Follow a socially responsible approach, our products are packed in an ESAT (centres providing care through employment).
  • All in a deep respect for the environment, with an approach of production not demanding in energy, with raw materials harvested sustainably without any degradation of the habitat. And a policy of “no plastic” in the packaging of our products.

Our products are made under the current regulations and comply with European legislation.