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Apricot Prodigy

Precious dry cosmetic oil with apricot Kernel :

In addition to its natural nourishing, protective, moisturizing and softening properties, apricot kernel takes excellent care of the skin and works as an amazing anti-wrinkle cream. It is ideal for dry, damaged, or tired skin. It tones and brightens the skin while delaying ageing.

Apricot Prodigy repairs nourishes and softens your skin, its non-greasy unique texture will instantly reveal your skin’s natural radiance.

You will be bewitched by its fragrance both soothing, sensual and fruity.

This beauty Elixir combines efficiency and well-being. In addition to nourishing the skin, it reveals its natural glow. 


Without alcohol
Without chemical preservatives
100% natural

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Type de produit: Precious dry cosmetic oil